Nation Africa

The latest news from Kenya, Africa, and the world covering politics, business, sports, and more. · 65,102


Empowering Africa's agriculture for sustainable food systems · 62,939

Africa International University

Leading educational institution in Africa offering Graduate School of Theology, School of Education Arts and Sciences, School of Business and Economics. · 1,862


A platform showcasing innovative gadgets in Africa that solve everyday problems with African ingenuity. · 1,298

The African Academy of Sciences

Transforming lives through science on the African continent. Recognizing excellence and advancing food security systems · 1,265


Explore the East African safari destinations with AirKenya offering scheduled and charter flights to iconic locations. Stay connected with news updates and exciting announcements. · 886

African Liberty

Exploring economic freedom, human rights, and political issues in Africa. · 680

Africa Freak

Celebrating Wild Africa - African Safaris & Wildlife - Inspiring people to reconnect with nature. · 585

Africa Online Kenya

A leading online platform in Kenya providing a wide range of information and services for the African region. · 504

African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development

Leading journal focusing on food, agriculture, nutrition, and development in Africa. · 376

African Spice Safaris

Your ultimate destination for African Safari Holidays, guided city tours, wildlife safari holidays, and more! · 365

Africa Yoga Project

Empowering global wellbeing leaders through yoga training in Africa. Support our mission by donating or joining our service trips to Kenya. · 330

Africa Uncensored

A platform exposing social issues in Kenya through investigative reporting and documentaries. · 156


Empowering communities for sustainable natural resource management in Kenya. · 112

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