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Leading Search engine with various services like Gmail and Google Images · 238,585


Latest news, comments, live tickers, videos and streams covering politics, economy, finance, weather, sports, football, culture, travel, and the internet. · 238,480 provides current news and commentary from Germany and around the world with reports and background information. Explore a wide range of topics from politics to lifestyle. · 222,352

News & E-Mail portal covering Politics, Sports, Entertainment, and Lifestyle. Get the latest updates on Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Economy, and Lifestyle with · 199,498


Germany's leading news site covering politics, economy, sports, culture, science, technology, and more. · 193,722

DW News

International news platform providing in-depth coverage of global events and issues. · 178,089

Leading news site with updates on current events, politics, sports, and entertainment. · 168,467


Germany's most popular internet portal offering search, communication, information, and services. Stay updated with the latest news and articles on various topics. · 150,885


Leading news site providing current news from various sectors like politics, economy, sports, culture. Stay updated with the latest developments. · 148,948

Online retail platform for a wide range of products · 138,414

GMX News

GMX News is a comprehensive portal offering email services, news, and various other features. Stay updated with GMX FreeMail: Email address, 1 GB mail storage, Free SMS. · 129,568


Latest news, photos, and videos covering politics, economy, sports, culture, society, automotive, digital world, as well as Düsseldorf and NRW. · 124,649

Leading news and information website with updates 365 days a year, covering the most important news of the day. · 124,031

De Gruyter

Leading academic publishing house with 270 years of experience providing services for authors and librarians. Discover your field of work within 30 subject areas. · 114,502

Heise Online

Technology news and analysis website providing in-depth coverage of the latest trends in IT, software, and digital innovation. · 110,722 provides news, TV highlights, star news, lifestyle, and advice information that moves Germany. Get the latest stories that are making an impact in Germany on · 108,127

FOCUS Online

Top news and service information from Germany's modern news magazine. Stay updated with the latest headlines from FOCUS Online. · 106,748

News, backgrounds, and visually powerful reports covering a wide range of topics from politics and economics to culture and science. · 103,082


Latest news from Berlin and the world. Current news from Berlin - news from Germany and the world - comments, backgrounds, and interviews from politics, economy, and Berlin. · 99,694


Find the right job for you or get found! Over 1 million jobs, 20,000 recruiters, salary ranges, and employer reviews. Set your job preferences and do your XING! · 97,026

Left-wing news site offering critical and independent journalism with analyses, backgrounds, comments, interviews, and reports. · 95,344


Financial, economic, and political news source. The number 1 in finance & economics newspapers. · 95,112

Get the latest news from politics, economy, culture & more on Stay informed with current updates from around the world on politics, economy, consumer issues & sports. · 94,673


News and program information from Baden-Württemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz, including current videos available on · 90,024

Berliner Morgenpost

Stay updated with the latest news from Berlin and around the world on Berliner Morgenpost. Get insights into politics, economy, and sports from Berlin, Germany, and globally. · 87,649

Leading news site providing reliable and fast news updates in politics, business, finance, sports, and global events. · 87,171


Leading news platform featuring current news, commentary, analysis, and background reports on politics, economy, society, culture, and sports. · 86,228

Your source for all things NDR - television, radio, news, and entertainment. Regional news from Northern Germany, sports, lifestyle, culture, and history. · 86,084


News, sports, culture, entertainment, audio and videos from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, and the world. · 84,081

eBay Germany

Buy and sell electronics, cars, fashion, collectibles, furniture and more on eBay. Explore categories, top deals, refurbished items, and more. · 83,613

Badische Zeitung

Leading news source for Freiburg & Southern Baden. Stay updated with current events in Southern Baden, Baden-Württemberg & Germany. · 83,413


The ultimate source for high-quality, free images and videos. Explore a vast library of stunning content for all your creative needs. · 81,526


Leading news and information from Westdeutscher Rundfunk - WDR. · 80,850

Bayerischer Rundfunk offers news from BR24, highlights from the BR media library, live radio, and specials - the homepage for Bavaria. · 80,101

Official city portal of the capital of Germany. Information for all residents and tourists of Berlin. · 74,782


Germany's leading business magazine providing essential information on companies, finances, success, and technology. · 73,686


Leading platform for sports news, live updates, and results. Stay up to date with the latest in sports from around the world. · 73,153

Hamburger Abendblatt

Leading news source in Hamburg providing updates on politics, economy, sports, and culture. Must-know information for true Hamburg residents. · 72,937


Leading international publisher in the fields of Science, Technology, and Medicine. · 71,403

Abendzeitung München

Get the latest news from Munich, sports updates, celebrity gossip, and more with Abendzeitung München. Stay informed and entertained! · 70,113

News site covering Berlin and Brandenburg with updates on weather, traffic, and local events. Includes articles, videos, and podcasts. · 66,955


Comprehensive news and analysis in politics and culture. Covers topics such as climate change, conflicts in the Middle East, artificial intelligence, and more. · 61,322

Berliner Abendblatt

Local news from Berlin with updates on various topics and events in the city. · 60,479

Leading site for news from the world of science and research, with expert reports on the latest findings in various fields. Stay informed with in-depth and accessible content. · 60,243


Search engine that plants trees by using ad revenue from searches. Help reforest the planet and empower communities. Join 20 million users in making a difference! · 59,667

Porsche Official Website

Explore detailed information about Porsche Models, Pre-owned Cars, Porsche Motorsport, and the company on the official Porsche Website. · 53,175


Germany's high-reach portal for news, downloads, independent tests & buying advice. Expert tips on tech & consumer topics. · 48,242

ZDF Mediathek

Discover a wide variety of videos, livestreams, films, series, sports events, documentaries, and more on ZDF Mediathek. · 47,349

1&1 Internet & Mobilfunk

One-stop shop for the best Internet & mobile offers, including affordable rates, smartphones, high-speed internet, and top service. · 47,143

GIZ official website

GIZ is a service provider for international cooperation for sustainable development and international education, working worldwide for a livable future. · 43,292

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