A JavaScript Library for Writing Less and Doing More

jquery.com · 303,815


Enhance your HTML tables with advanced interaction controls using the DataTables Javascript table library.

datatables.net · 109,766


Open-source web framework for .NET. Build web apps and services that run on Windows, Linux, and macOS using C#, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

asp.net · 107,027


Powerful frontend toolkit for building fast, responsive sites

getbootstrap.com · 22,698


Detailed support tables for HTML5, CSS3, and more for web developers and designers

caniuse.com · 20,283

MH Themes

Premium WordPress themes with extensive features and options. Some of the best Magazine WordPress Themes available.

mhthemes.com · 18,876

NGINX Official Website

NGINX news, updates, downloads, security information and more.

nginx.org · 16,478


Leading provider of mobile-responsive WordPress themes and design framework, with Genesis and Genesis Pro.

studiopress.com · 13,440


Tips, Tricks, and Techniques on using Cascading Style Sheets. Daily articles about CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and all things related to web design and development.

css-tricks.com · 12,956


Website Performance Testing and Monitoring tool to optimize your page's performance with actionable recommendations.

gtmetrix.com · 12,380


Neocities is a platform where you can create your own free website with unlimited creativity and zero ads. Join now to share your web creations with the world!

neocities.org · 11,527


Create a website for free and start making money online with Altervista. Learn how to quickly open a blog or website on this platform that is free forever.

altervista.org · 11,437


Advanced WYSIWYG HTML editor trusted by developers worldwide

tinymce.com · 11,125

WOW Slider

Create stunning jQuery sliders with ease and wow your visitors.

wowslider.com · 10,625

Cryout Creations

Customizable WordPress themes for authors, blogs, and businesses. Free and Premium options available.

cryoutcreations.eu · 9,107

Ruby on Rails

A framework for creating database-backed web applications following the Model-View-Controller pattern.

rubyonrails.org · 8,182


Laravel is a PHP web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax, loved by web artisans around the world.

laravel.com · 7,946


Premium WordPress Themes and tutorials on Wordpress, HTML, CSS and jQuery.

kriesi.at · 7,806


The official project website of TYPO3, a free enterprise-class CMS based on PHP, combining open source code with reliability and true scalability.

typo3.org · 7,552

jQuery UI

jQuery UI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library.

jqueryui.com · 7,482


The world's fastest framework for building websites, offering blistering speed, robust content management, and more. Join a community of contributors and explore 300+ themes.

gohugo.io · 7,290


Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs with Jekyll, a simple, blog-aware platform. Get up and running in seconds and enjoy free hosting with GitHub Pages.

jekyllrb.com · 7,165

ReactJS Official Website

Explore the React library for building web and native user interfaces with components written in JavaScript.

reactjs.org · 7,119

Compete Themes

WordPress Themes for Content Creators. Get a minimalist, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-customize theme for your site today for FREE.

competethemes.com · 5,219


Vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework for building interactive web interfaces.

vuejs.org · 5,071


Collection of responsive HTML5 and CSS3 site templates designed by @ajlkn.

html5up.net · 4,533

Rara Themes

Premium and free mobile-friendly WordPress Themes with awesome support. Create professional websites easily without coding.

rarathemes.com · 4,448


A web framework for building virtual reality experiences using HTML and Entity-Component. Works on various platforms such as Vive, Rift, desktop, and mobile.

aframe.io · 4,430


Download free WordPress themes and plugins from SiteOrigin, a popular site for building custom websites.

siteorigin.com · 4,273


High Performance PHP Framework for Web Development

symfony.com · 4,210

Sass: Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets

Powerful CSS with superpowers and a large community

sass-lang.com · 4,122


Node.js web application framework for building Web Applications, APIs, improving Performance and using Middleware.

expressjs.com · 3,744


WordPress Plugin offering Slider, Gallery and Audio Player functionality

wonderplugin.com · 3,500


Development platform for web development on Windows with Apache, MySQL, PHP.

wampserver.com · 3,345


FC2Web is a website platform offering a variety of features for creating blogs, personal websites, and more.

fc2web.com · 3,196

Next.js by Vercel

The React Framework for the web built on fast production-grade tooling. Get started in seconds with customer testimonials and resources.

nextjs.org · 3,067


Phoca - Building Web Apps. Powerful extensions for Joomla CMS.

phoca.cz · 2,442

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building modern websites without ever leaving your HTML.

tailwindcss.com · 2,365

React Dev

Build user interfaces with React library for web and native applications. Collaborate with components written in JavaScript.

react.dev · 2,210


Empowering developers to build modern web experiences that work on any browser

web.dev · 2,115


Create a chat for your website quickly and for free with Chatovod.ru. Add a multi-user chat widget to your site or simply create a chat and earn a little!

chatovod.ru · 2,002


Web accessibility tools and resources for optimizing websites and running performance tests.

accessify.com · 1,656


The ultimate solution for embedding external media on your website

iframe.ly · 1,646


Real-time Image Processing and Image CDN for WordPress - Optimize, store and scale images with 80% less size while maintaining quality.

optimole.com · 1,601

Blocksy Theme

The best free WordPress theme, optimized for Gutenberg and WooCommerce. Super fast, SEO friendly, easy to use and infinitely customizable.

creativethemes.com · 1,589


Build Unparalleled Joomla Forms with ChronoForms. Joomla extensions for building forms and managing your Joomla database.

chronoengine.com · 1,394


BootstrapMade offers a stunning collection of premium and free Bootstrap Templates designed to fit any website. Elevate your web presence with our high-quality, responsive, and customizable templates.

bootstrapmade.com · 1,365


One stop shop for website templates and resources for developing websites using pbootcms and HTML.

adminbuy.cn · 1,302


Superfast Site Builder & Dazzling Web Templates.

www.quickonthenet.com · 1,095

Aardvark Topsites PHP

A free PHP Topsite Script for website ranking and management.

aardvarktopsitesphp.com · 992

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