Your number one resource for faith, belief, and spirituality. Daily inspirational quotes, prayers for strength, and words of comfort and hope. · 26,574

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

A collection of Christian classics and spiritual texts. Discover timeless wisdom and teachings from renowned authors. · 4,698

Advaita Ashrama

Publishing House of Ramakrishna Math, Belur Math. Online store with a wide range of spiritual literature and resources. · 3,127

The Aetherius Society - Official International Site

Dedicated to spreading & acting upon teachings of advanced extraterrestrial intelligences. · 1,294

Explore the teachings of Avatar Adi Da and His Reality-Way on · 689


Empowering planetary healing through self-realization and spiritually-motivated activism. · 634

Association for Insight Meditation

A website dedicated to promoting mindfulness and the end of suffering through insight meditation. · 406

ACIM Awakening with David Hoffmeister

Find resources and community for A Course in Miracles with David Hoffmeister. · 391

Ajahn Chah Teachings

Explore the biography, books, videos, and dhammatalks of Ajahn Chah for free distribution and download. · 377

A Course in Miracles Now

An online version of A Course in Miracles for ACIM students, offering a complete experience and free resources to learn how to experience consistent peace. · 355

ACIM Mexico

Community offering a Devotional Stay & Internship Program based on A Course in Miracles and David Hoffmeister's teachings in Chapala Mexico. · 349

Spiritual Forums

Spirituality, Metaphysical, Paranormal, and Religious Discussion Forums · 337

About Meditation

Learn about Kadampa Buddhism, the purpose of meditation, dealing with painful feelings, and more to find peace and happiness. · 305

Robert Brown - International Medium

Connecting with the spirit world through upcoming events, newsletters, books and more · 230

Signs of Destiny

Esoteric mega portal with content on religion, esotericism, magic, philosophy, psychology, divination, astrology, tarot, and zodiac signs. · 228

Astral Practices School - ASTRAL

Explore the world of astral projection and spiritual practices on the ASTRAL website. · 226

A Course in Miracles Devotional Center

Living the principles of ACIM with metaphysics, guidelines, and practical application. · 183

ACIM Spain

A non-profit organization devoted to practicing forgiveness based on A Course in Miracles teachings. · 169

Sirius Astrological Community

Explore the world of astrology with Sirius Astrological Community. Find articles on love and marriage astrology, astropsychology, lunar astrology, and more.

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Afterlife Explorers

Explore your Multidimensional Consciousness through a blend of Science and Spirituality. · 120

A Course in Miracles Now

Experience the beauty of A Course in Miracles online with David Hoffmeister. Daily lessons, readings, and more. · 114

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