Capture and share your inspiration with a vibrant community of photographers on Flickr. · 2,602,243


Connect with your friends and communities through voice, video, and text on Discord. Stay close and hang out easily! · 1,435,378


The largest European social network with over 100 million active users. · 330,787


Gab is an ad-free social network dedicated to preserving individual liberty, freedom of speech, and free flow of information on the internet. · 325,400

Social network for communication, games, and sharing emotions with friends and classmates · 310,611


Social media platform for sharing thoughts, news, and updates with a global audience. · 181,617


OK is a social network for communication with friends and classmates, where you can find old friends, play games and send gifts. · 181,389


Free dating, socializing, flirting site and app. Join the Badoo community - the best free dating app. Chat, meet people nearby or make friends around the world. · 171,582


Social networking site with various features and services · 92,983


Find local groups, events, and activities near you. Make new friends and connect with like-minded people. · 89,426


The world's leading social media platform connecting billions of people worldwide. · 84,334


VKontakte is the largest European social network with over 100 million active users, connecting old friends, ex-classmates, neighbors, and colleagues. · 73,928


Social network for meeting new people through games, shared interests, and friend suggestions. Join over 100 million users! · 67,578


A popular social networking platform for sharing photos, videos, and blog posts. · 57,604


Douban provides recommendations, reviews, and price comparisons for books, movies, and music records, as well as a unique cultural life of the city. · 49,369

Social networking site for sharing thoughts and connecting with others. · 44,372


Social media platform for sharing short messages, links, and videos with friends. · 39,479


Connect with people anonymously by asking and answering questions on any topic. · 27,784

Posterous Spaces

Share smarter and easily manage multiple Spaces. Millions of Spaces to explore and customize. · 21,616


Rediscover the enchantment of the early social network era, now rejuvenated with a contemporary twist. Friendster is better than ever and for the people. · 18,175


VK is the largest European social network with over 100 million active users. Connect with old friends, classmates, neighbors, and colleagues. · 16,308


Your Place to Talk and Hang Out. The easiest way to communicate with voice, video, and text. Stay close with friends and communities. · 15,031


Meet the World, make friends, and learn languages on a friendly community of over 5 million members. · 14,062


Non profit Social network & Search engine platform. · 12,064


Social full-service ad-free social networking platform for the web and mobile · 10,882


Decentralized social media platform focused on user control and creativity. · 8,288


The World's library where books are released into the wild for others to find and read. Join the global community of book lovers! · 5,199


Meet African singles on the most trusted African dating site with over 4.5 million members. · 3,718

Machicon Japan

Japan's largest dating portal site for local meetings and matchmaking parties. · 1,782


A community website for naturists and nudists to connect, share stories, and find resources. · 655


Social networking site for meeting new people and dating · 648


Create bookmarks, comment, and share anything on the Web with YouSticker. Follow others' comments and leave notes for yourself and friends on any website. · 539

Test Drive BuddyPress

A site for exploring BuddyPress with new design and active member avatars. · 366


Africa's Social & Business Digital Network with features like funding, sharing photos, stories, music, and more. Digital freedom of speech and interaction with utmost respect to users. · 321


Ultimate random chatting platform with free porn sex cams chat options. · 306


Connect with new friends and meet people in your city with Urbeez. Join communities in Dublin, Birmingham, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and many more cities around the world. · 262

Aiseki-ya Official Site

Aiseki-ya is a supportive bar for encounters and matchmaking, where new encounters begin with sharing a table. With a 100% matching rate, at Aiseki-ya, you can always talk to someone of the opposite sex. · 238


Social network for talented people, creative projects, learning opportunities, feedback, resources for artists, design, music, events, writing, photography, acting, crafts, painting, architecture, business ideas, creative workshops, unique events, ex · 234


Social and dating network focused on revealing character and connecting people without seeing each other's face. · 201

Adult Friend Finder

Online platform for adults to find friends and connections · 181

ADV Production v1

Social Networking Platform for blogging and sharing articles. · 165


Social bookmarking website for managing and categorizing resources · 148


Social network for all ages and interests · 144

Akwatik Cultural Networking Platform

Connect with people from diverse cultures on Akwatik, a Cultural Networking Platform. Share posts, photos, and more! · 139


India's No. 1 Social Networking Website to Connect With Others · 136

August Chat Catalog

A catalog of chat rooms from August with free chat room listings, a large chat room list, and all active chats. · 118

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