free email, search, news, weather forecast, horoscope, TV program. Largest free email service, fast and convenient interface, unlimited mailbox size, reliable protection against spam and viruses, mobile version and smartphone apps. · 388,950


One of the most popular search engines in Russia, offering a wide range of services including maps, news, email, and more. · 368,039


The largest European social network with over 100 million active users. · 330,787

Social network for communication, games, and sharing emotions with friends and classmates · 310,611


RT is a Russian 24/7 English-language news channel providing breaking news, Russia news, world news, and video coverage. · 294,157

RIA Novosti

Latest events in Moscow, Russia, and around the world with daily topics, photos, videos, infographics, and radio broadcasts. Stay informed with the most up-to-date news in Russia and worldwide including daily topics, reviews, and analysis. Experience · 262,346

Rambler News Portal

A media portal featuring news from Russia and around the world, email services, weather updates, entertainment, and communication services. · 215,242


A news website providing coverage of events in Russia and around the world, with analytical publications, press conference materials, and video and photo reports. · 195,065


Latest news from Russia and around the world today - fresh news on RBC. Main news of politics, economy and business, analysts' comments, financial data from Russian and global exchange systems on the website. · 190,995


OK is a social network for communication with friends and classmates, where you can find old friends, play games and send gifts. · 181,389


Leading news source in Russia, providing daily updates on a wide range of topics. · 150,812


QIP.RU is a website that combines all the necessary services for users: email, search, dating, data storage (photos, videos, files), as well as a wide range of online games. · 150,291

Leading news website covering daily news from Moscow and regions, news feed, news from Russia and around the world, events of the day, analysis, comments, videos. · 149,871


Leading news website with objective analysis and exclusive comments on major events and trends in Russia and the world. · 149,791


Leading business publication in Russia. Quality content on business, economy, and politics. · 147,681


Leading news agency providing latest updates on Russia, world events, economics, sports, and culture. Subscribe for comprehensive coverage. · 140,566

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Leading news portal providing fresh updates on politics, society, sports, culture, and latest incidents. Bright and vivid coverage! · 136,981 - News of Russia and the world today. News, articles, photos, videos. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. · 134,169

Sputnik News

Global news agency providing breaking news and top stories on politics, economy, and social media. · 128,740

Radikal Photo

Free photo album hosting for forums with automatic optimization and preview creation. Upload images from URL or your device. · 122,478

Arguments and Facts

Latest news from Russia and the world today. Stay up to date with the main events of the day and the last hour, incidents, reviews, analytics, infographics, photo and video reports. · 122,068


Independent news outlet reporting only the facts. Latest news from around the world. · 115,057


LiveInternet is a large service for diaries and communities, an authoritative statistics service for websites · 108,406

LiveInternet @ Statistics and Diaries

LiveInternet is a major blogging and community service, an authoritative statistics service for websites. Popular news, Site Rankings, Diaries, Create a diary, Recommended sites, Currency exchange rates from 30.03, Laptop repair, Medicine and health · 108,313

The Moscow Times

Independent news from Russia covering a variety of topics including politics, society, and culture. · 105,088 is a news and analytical platform, offering insights on various topics such as politics, economy, culture, and technology. · 99,355


Federally Information Agency covering news in Russia, CIS, and the world. All regions of Russia and neighboring European, Central Asian, and Transcaucasian countries. · 95,592

NG: Independent Newspaper

Latest news from Russia and around the world on politics, economy, wars, and culture. Real-time updates on all the current events in the Independent Newspaper. · 92,147

Russian Gazette

Top news from Russia and around the world. Official publication of the Russian Government. · 88,316

One Channel: News. Videos. TV schedule. Live broadcast. Watch news, educational programs, and entertainment shows, movies, and series on the website of the First Channel. · 85,894

Forbes Russia

Leading coverage of billionaires, business, finance, and investments in Russia and worldwide. · 75,853

TASS - News in Russia and the world

Latest news, analytical publications, press conference materials, video and photo reports from Russia and the world. · 75,639


VKontakte is the largest European social network with over 100 million active users, connecting old friends, ex-classmates, neighbors, and colleagues. · 73,928


Platform with diverse content from gaming to technology, where millions of users engage daily with personalized recommendations. · 73,006


StopGame is a website dedicated to video games, providing the most up-to-date information about games and the gaming industry online. · 66,718


City portal with the latest news and updates from Samara · 66,034

Leading platform in the Russian-speaking Internet for new generation entrepreneurs focusing on business, technology, growth models, and startups. · 65,527

Arguments and Facts NN

Local news and informational website for Nizhny Novgorod. Stay up-to-date with articles on various topics including sports, automotive, financial, and more. · 63,549


News, Blogs, Politics, Economy, Crime, Science, History, Education, Media, Disasters, Environment, Military, Personalities · 59,659

TASS Russian News Agency

Leading Russian news agency since 1904, providing latest and accurate news from around the world. · 52,950

Andrey Fursov

Information about Andrey Fursov, including videos, press, works, forum, and more. · 50,131

Kremlin Official Website

Official website of the President of Russia, featuring news, transcripts, photos, videos, and more. · 45,556


Hosting services and domain registration. Timeweb hosting for all projects from the company Timeweb. Hosting for CMS. Reliable VDS/VPS and virtual servers abroad. SSL certificate issuance, 1C-Bitrix licenses. Website construction tool. Domain registr · 39,784


Leading online publication on high technologies in Russia and CIS countries. · 33,364

Za Rulom

A comprehensive auto website offering articles, news, tests, reviews, forum discussions, photos, and videos. Official website of the 'Za Rulom' magazine, providing daily automotive news, articles, tests, specifications, and car selection. · 32,562


Russian informational channel with a variety of topics and content. · 27,669


Online store offering millions of products at competitive prices. · 22,326

Government of Russia Official Website

Official website of the Government of Russia providing information on government activities, national projects, news, meetings, and more. · 21,179


Free website builder for creating your own site. Easily create a website with uCoz constructor. · 20,549


Domain registrar and hosting provider offering a wide range of services including domain registration, hosting, VPS/VDS, SSL certificates, email, and more. Leading Russian provider for all your online needs. · 20,190

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