American Enterprise Institute

Leading nonpartisan public policy research institute dedicated to expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity, and strengthening free enterprise. · 22,460

National Institute of Informatics

Leading research institute focused on 'creating future value' in the field of informatics, with a unique approach to interdisciplinary research in various domains of information science. · 8,663

CWI Research Institute

Leading national research institute for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands · 3,736

Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington

Promoting cultural understanding in the Gulf region through research and analysis. · 2,573

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

Independent policy research institute focusing on national security strategy and investment options. · 2,414

KIPF Official Website

Official website of KIPF with essential information and updates. · 441

Ada Lovelace Institute

An independent research institute ensuring data and AI work for people and society. · 395

Iranian Fisheries Research Institute

Leading research institute focused on fisheries science in the country. Stay updated on the latest publications and projects in the field of aquatic life. · 281

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