Taylor & Francis

Leading publisher of knowledge and specialty research in various fields including humanities, social sciences, science, and technology.

taylorandfrancis.com · 141,616

De Gruyter

Leading academic publishing house with 270 years of experience providing services for authors and librarians. Discover your field of work within 30 subject areas.

degruyter.com · 114,502


Leading publisher of professional and academic books fostering human progress through knowledge for scholars, instructors, and professionals.

routledge.com · 52,289

Rowman & Littlefield

Publishing company offering a wide range of books in various subjects.

rowman.com · 29,659

University of California Press

Leading publisher offering impactful ideas on climate anxiety, kids, and the uncertain future

ucpress.edu · 20,225

Penguin Random House

Connecting readers and authors globally with a love for reading. Discover new mysteries, thrillers, and must-read books by transgender and nonbinary authors.

penguinrandomhouse.com · 19,464

Dotdash Meredith

America's largest digital & print publisher with brands like PEOPLE, Better Homes & Gardens, and Allrecipes. Explore career opportunities and reach audiences across trusted brands.

dotdashmeredith.com · 19,433

Hachette Book Group

Leading book publisher based in New York and a division of Hachette Livre, the third-largest publisher in the world.

hachettebookgroup.com · 13,136

SAGE Publications Inc

Global academic publisher of books, journals, and library products and services.

sagepub.com · 12,573

Bloomsbury Publishing

Leading independent publishing house established in 1986 with locations in London, New York, Sydney, and Delhi.

bloomsbury.com · 12,311

Verso Books

Radical publishing house with a diverse selection of books, blogs, and book club.

versobooks.com · 11,531

Shueisha Official Website

Official website of Shueisha, offering information on magazines, books, comics, and more.

shueisha.co.jp · 11,331


Your go-to platform for creating beautiful stories and articles

telegra.ph · 9,843

World Scientific Publishing

Leading international independent publisher of books and journals for scholarly, research, and professional communities.

worldscientific.com · 9,762

Actes Sud

A renowned publishing house with a diverse selection of literature from around the world.

actes-sud.fr · 9,444

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Leading publisher of publications at the forefront of science, technology, medicine, and engineering.

liebertpub.com · 9,260

Karger Publishers

Leading publisher providing knowledge accessible to authors, researchers, healthcare professionals, patients, librarians, and industry.

karger.com · 8,302

Academic Studies Press

Leading publisher of academic books, journals, and resources. Explore our wide selection of titles and authors.

academicstudiespress.com · 7,621

Abrams & Chronicle Books

International publishers offering creative books, stationery, toys, puzzles, and more.

abramsandchronicle.co.uk · 7,389


Custom publishing platform for creating newsstand-quality magazines, flyers, posters, and more

magcloud.com · 2,165

AEEPP Website

Official website of the AEEPP Spanish Association of Editorial of Periodical Publications, showcasing news and updates related to the publishing industry.

aeepp.com · 865


Publish your book for free and on demand with agBook. Authors can upload their books, set their desired selling price, and make them available in the store without any costs involved.

agbook.com.br · 784

AACHE Ediciones de Guadalajara

Explore historical, cultural, and natural books about Guadalajara and Castilla-La Mancha with AACHE Ediciones.

aache.com · 624


Publisher MOZAICA-SINTEZ. Creating books for comprehensive and harmonious development of children from birth: from sticker books and toy books to atlases, as well as books for parents and teaching aids for educators.

msbook.ru · 400


Leading international publisher of drug-focused content and solutions.

adisonline.com · 283


Booktrix.com offers creative publishing and marketing services to help authors showcase their work. Every trick in the book for aspiring writers!

www.booktrix.com · 145

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