Official website for PHP programming language, with releases, downloads, documentation, and resources. · 44,637

Official home of the Python Programming Language, with functions, compound data types, intuitive interpretation, and more · 37,616


Learn to code for free with a wide range of tutorials and resources covering various programming topics. · 11,811

Official website for the Go programming language - build secure, scalable systems easily. · 9,603

The Perl Programming Language at Links and resources for Perl programmers. · 8,307

The Haskell purely functional programming language home page. · 3,584


Runoob provides basic programming tutorials in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, Ruby, C, PHP, MySQL, and more. · 2,993


Search engine for CPAN with free learning resources and sponsor support. · 1,414


A platform for organizing and sharing code snippets, tools, and resources · 851

PHP Tutorial for Beginners

Learn the basics of PHP with this beginner's tutorial on · 757 is a website dedicated to Rust programming language documentation and resources. · 564

QBasic New Zealand

Your go-to source for QBasic and Quickbasic downloads, tutorials, forum, and games! · 409

A website providing tutorials and solutions on PHP programming, including topics like PHP Classic, CakePHP, OOP PHP and API development. · 129

The official home of the Python Programming Language, offering functions, data types, and intuitive interpretation. Quick & easy to learn with all the flow you'd expect. · 110

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