Empowering and educating individuals about adoption, providing resources for adoptive families, and sharing personal adoption stories. · 8,660

Verywell Family

Get pregnancy to kids' health to parenting tips, with facts and guidance to feel confident in your choices for your family. · 3,489


Family portal covering topics such as pregnancy, parenting, education, health, beauty, and more. · 2,815


Empowering families to adopt and foster children in need. Find resources and support to make a difference in a child's life. · 2,741

Associations Familiales Catholiques - Les AFC

Representing and offering services to families, the Associations Familiales Catholiques (AFC) serve as a support system for families. · 1,963

Adoption Center

Building families, communities, and connections for youth in foster care. · 1,215

Gladney Center for Adoption Agencies

Providing caring support for those considering adoption, whether for an unplanned pregnancy or hopeful parents looking to adopt. · 1,174

Activities for Kids

A website offering a variety of activities for parents, teachers, and kids to enjoy together · 1,119


Family portal of Primorsky Krai. Articles, online consultations, forum, and more. · 674

Adoption Network

Helping build families through legally sound adoption plans. Available 24/7 for adoption questions and support. · 622

Adopt Vietnam

The Vietnam Adoption, Travel and Parenting Guide with over 200 articles on Vietnam adoption, parenting, travel and culture. · 581

Adoptions From The Heart

Trusted private adoption agency specializing in open domestic and international placements since 1985. · 439


National organization providing information, preparation, and aftercare services for adoption. · 416


A website for parents and their children, offering a variety of activities, crafts, and resources. · 199

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