US Geological Survey

Providing science about natural hazards, water, energy, minerals, ecosystems, climate change impacts. Developing new methods for timely information about Earth processes. · 59,332

IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Leading organization providing policymakers with scientific assessments on climate change and potential risks. · 28,900

U.S. Global Change Research Program

Website for the U.S. Global Change Research Program providing information on climate assessments and resources. · 24,372

Down To Earth

Latest news, opinion, analysis on environment & science issues in India and South Asia. · 3,820

Aspen Global Change Institute

Advancing Global Change Science and Solutions through interdisciplinary workshops, water research, community resilience, and equitable science. · 1,842

Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre

Leading research center predicting the extent and impact of climate change in Antarctica. · 1,451

UK Air Quality Information

Comprehensive resource for air quality data and forecasts in the UK. · 529

Aerosol and Air Quality Research

Open Access Journal focusing on trends in air pollution, impact of COVID-19 response on black carbon pollution, characteristics of carbonaceous species in different cities, and more. · 401

AirFire Research Team

Leading research team focused on air quality in wildland fires. · 236

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