Sierra Club

Leading the fight for the planet with over 281 coal plants retired and 439 parks and monuments protected · 96,886

World Wildlife Fund

Leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species, making a difference through action and advocacy. · 79,924


Search engine that plants trees by using ad revenue from searches. Help reforest the planet and empower communities. Join 20 million users in making a difference! · 59,667

National Audubon Society

Protecting birds and their habitats for a brighter future. · 41,647


Learn about the world's largest environmental movement and how you can make a difference every day. · 24,194


Leading nature conservation organization working towards a sustainable future. · 18,979


Leading energy efficiency organization striving for a clean energy future for all Americans. · 17,598

The Nature Conservancy

Protecting lands and waters worldwide to fight climate change and ensure all life thrives. Join the conservation efforts! · 16,676

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Official website for the UNFCCC, providing information on Climate Action, Capacity Building, Finance, and more. · 15,881

Rainforest Alliance

Empowering communities to protect the rainforests and biodiversity through sustainable practices. Learn how you can make a difference today! · 6,978

WWF Deutschland

Organization for nature and species conservation. Mission to preserve biological diversity - a living planet for us and our children. · 6,754

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Building a circular economy to fight climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. Explore solutions for businesses today. · 5,628

World Wildlife Fund

Conserving our planet, habitats, and species like the Panda & Tiger through preservation efforts. · 5,429


The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) assesses the state of biodiversity and ecosystem services worldwide. · 5,419

Convention on Biological Diversity

Global agreement covering conservation, sustainable use, and equitable sharing of genetic resources. · 5,239

Forest Stewardship Council

Promoting sustainable forest management · 4,881

Woodland Trust

Leading UK woodland conservation charity, planting trees and protecting woods for wildlife and people. · 3,434

Acadia Center

Leading Environmental Non-profit Organization for Systemic Clean Energy Solutions · 2,842

International Council on Clean Transportation

Leading the way in clean transportation solutions and policies worldwide. · 2,698

Adirondack Council

Protecting the Adirondack Park, a unique national treasure, through advocacy and conservation efforts. · 2,286

Acterra: Action for a Healthy Planet

Nonprofit environmental organization in Palo Alto, California, bringing people together to create solutions for a healthy planet. · 2,172

Alberta Conservation Association

Working towards conserving wildlife, fish, and their habitats for future generations. · 1,763

Australian Conservation Foundation

Join Australia's Biggest Bushwalk this May and support nature conservation efforts. The Australian Conservation Foundation is the leading national environment organisation in Australia, working to protect and restore nature for a sustainable future. · 1,134

Agir pour l'Environnement

National citizen mobilization association for a livable planet · 1,031

Nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational resources about agroforestry, trees, and sustainable stewardship of land and water. · 816

Acción Ecológica

Ecuadorian ecological organization defending people's rights, communities, and nature against extractivist, agribusiness, and environmental devastation models. · 690


A country-led effort to bring 100 million hectares of land in Africa into restoration by 2030. · 679

American Ground Water Trust

A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting knowledge and understanding of ground water issues. · 636


Providing educational resources about agroforestry, trees, and sustainable stewardship of land and water. · 636

ACAP - Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP is dedicated to the conservation of albatrosses and petrels through best practice advice and mitigation efforts for seabird bycatch. · 613

Autorità di Bacino Distrettuale del Fiume Po

Official website of the District Basin Authority of the Po River, providing information on water policies, biodiversity protection, and ongoing projects in the area. · 544


Environmental and Consumer Education Association · 405

Abenteuer Regenwald

Informing children and teenagers about the tropical rainforest and how to protect it. · 391

AFES - Association Française pour l'Étude du Sol

AFES - Association Française pour l'Étude du Sol is dedicated to promoting the study and awareness of soils. · 357

Adventure Scientists

Empowering volunteers to collect critical field data for conservation and climate solutions. · 312

Agence française pour la biodiversité

French agency for biodiversity providing support for public policies, conducting scientific research, and raising awareness about ecosystems · 237


Leading biodiversity monitoring organization in Alberta, Canada. · 221

Conservation Grants Center

A comprehensive hub for finding grants and funding for environment, conservation, ecology, and natural resource projects. · 194

AEB Amsterdam

Leading the way to a clean society, now and in the future. Working with partners to solve waste issues and find responsible solutions. · 184

Antigua Barbuda Environment

Explore the diverse environmental projects, features, and news in Antigua Barbuda · 183

ABREE - Brazilian Association for Recycling of Electronic and Electrical Appliances

ABREE is a Brazilian association dedicated to promoting sustainability in the electronic and electrical appliance industry through circular economy principles. · 151

Rainforest Radio

Explore the beauty of the Osa Peninsula with a chance to win a $2,500 trip to Cabella's world fishing destination! · 148


Empowering communities for sustainable natural resource management in Kenya. · 112

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