Leading Chinese search engine dedicated to providing convenient access to information for internet users. · 4,127,170

JD Global

Your one-stop online shopping destination for authentic products at low prices and convenient services. Shop from a diverse range of products sourced from global brands to meet all your shopping needs. · 919,975


Leading Chinese website offering news, entertainment, music, gaming, and more. · 574,959


Taobao is a popular online marketplace offering a wide range of products including clothing, beauty products, electronics, home appliances, furniture, sports and outdoor equipment, toys, and more. · 293,877

China Radio International

China Radio International ( is a central key news website hosted by the China Media Group, broadcasting globally in 44 languages, making it the website with the most language usage, widest dissemination area, and the largest audience impac · 260,698

People's Daily Online

Leading news website with a wide range of categories and content. Providing up-to-date news, analysis, opinions and in-depth articles. · 248,780


Your source for news, entertainment, finance, sports, and more in China. · 239,119

Tencent News

Tencent News is a comprehensive internet media platform offering news, regional services, social media information, and products since 2003. · 206,587

Sina provides comprehensive and real-time Chinese information to global users, covering breaking news events, sports events, entertainment highlights, industry information, practical information, and more. · 174,021

Xinhua News

Leading Chinese news website with global coverage, providing authoritative, accurate, and timely news updates on domestic and international events. · 128,334

Global Network

Leading international information portal in China with independent editorial rights. Providing news with international perspective, applying cutting-edge internet technology for global internet users. · 126,174

China News

Leading Chinese news portal providing a wide range of original content in text, images, and video formats for a global audience. · 115,557


Watch high-quality videos online on Youku, a video service platform offering a wide range of content including TV shows, movies, variety shows, animations, and more. · 114,956

360 Official Website

Leading cybersecurity, software, hardware, and enterprise services provider offering innovative solutions and rapid downloads. · 104,443


光明网是国内唯一一家定位于思想理论领域的中央重点新闻网站 · 99,359


One of the top video service platforms in China, offering video playback, publishing, search, and sharing. · 98,721

China Online

China's premier news website providing coverage in ten languages, reporting major national events in real-time, offering global readers insights into China, and featuring exclusive policy analyses from top scholars and experts. · 98,469


Chinese news website providing in-depth coverage on a variety of topics, including politics, sports, finance, and culture. · 93,741


CNA is a 24/7 news website reporting on international, finance, technology, medicine, lifestyle, sports, education, politics, entertainment, social, and local news. It also provides social sharing and discussion features. · 92,656

360 Search

Trustworthy and secure search engine with comprehensive phishing and fraud protection. · 92,269

Xinhua News Agency

One of China's major news websites, providing authoritative, accurate, and timely coverage of important domestic and international news. · 87,522

Sogou Search Engine

Leading Chinese search engine with unique SogouRank technology and AI algorithms, providing fast, accurate, and comprehensive search services. · 86,333

China Government Website

Official website of the Central People's Government of China with news and policy updates. · 77,831


Eastday is a news website based in Shanghai, covering a wide range of categories such as politics, sports, entertainment, and more. · 77,603

Chinese news and business information website. · 77,418

CNR News

CNR News is a comprehensive news website offering latest updates and insights from China and around the world. Stay informed with in-depth analysis and breaking news. · 77,050

Qianlong Net

Online news site providing a wide range of topics and information in Beijing, China · 76,055

Golden Sheep Network

Top-notch news website in the South China region. · 75,194

Qiu Shi Network

Official website of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, focusing on theoretical propaganda and research. · 75,022


Leading news portal in Shenzhen, featuring a wide range of news, videos, blogs, real estate, cars, finance, health, gourmet, travel, education, lifestyle, entertainment and more · 68,077

ETtoday News Cloud

ETtoday新聞雲 is a popular news website in Taiwan, providing news, videos, programs, live streams, social media, personalized services, and an app. It has a high internet penetration rate in Taiwan and a considerable following among Chinese speakers wor · 67,896


Yicai is the official website that provides financial and economic information such as stock market trends, economic trends, financial policies, industry dynamics, and expert analysis 24/7. · 65,429


AHTV is a comprehensive video portal website that integrates the characteristics of the Internet and television, focusing on news, entertainment, and interaction. · 64,964


Leading Chinese news website providing original content to global Chinese audience. · 61,181


Financial news and data provider offering comprehensive financial information on stocks, bonds, funds, insurance, and more. · 55,908

Amazon China

Amazon's Chinese domain providing information on overseas purchases and related issues. · 52,272

126 Free Mail

Professional electronic mail service with over 20 years of experience, offering fast, stable, and secure systems with support for large attachments and cloud storage. · 52,208


Leading news website with video as its main focus, offering a platform for integrated broadcasting and high-quality internet cultural content. · 49,978


Douban provides recommendations, reviews, and price comparisons for books, movies, and music records, as well as a unique cultural life of the city. · 49,369

National Internet Information Reporting Center · 48,021

Securities Times Official Website

Official website of Securities Times - China's capital market information disclosure platform. · 45,736


Zhihu is a high-quality Chinese question and answer community and original content platform where people share knowledge and find answers. Established in January 2011. · 39,703

Leading Securities and Financial Information Website in China · 37,185


PIXNET is a self-media network platform that provides blogs, online photo albums, and a variety of articles on food, travel, parenting, technology, and movies in Taiwan. Download the PIXNET App now to discover and share more life inspirations! · 33,808

bilibili is a well-known video barrage website in China, featuring timely anime releases, an active ACG community, and creative content creators. Find joy and entertainment here. · 33,311


A leading online video streaming platform offering a wide range of high-quality content. Exclusive VIP offer for new users at $0.99 for the first month. · 32,766


Leading Chinese financial website providing market news, analysis, and investment advice since 1996. · 31,062

Sina Mobile

Sina Mobile is a mobile portal website of Sina, providing 24-hour comprehensive and timely Chinese information to millions of users, covering breaking news events at home and abroad, sports events, entertainment, fashion, industry information, practi · 29,642

PC Online

Leading IT news and reviews website in China. · 28,637

Tmall is a leading landmark website for online shopping in China, serving as Asia's largest comprehensive shopping platform with over 100,000 brand merchants. Shop authentic products on Tmall! · 27,004

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