Barcelona City Website

Practical information to live in the city of Barcelona: news, activities, services, work, transportation, business, leisure, map, innovation, and much more. · 9,584

Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

A public university in Barcelona committed to research and educational transformation to address future challenges. · 5,794

Official site of the Academy of Medical and Health Sciences of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. Stay updated with news, articles, events, and more. · 2,053


The official website of ACM with latest news, legal updates, courses, documents and more. · 1,860

Acadèmia del Cinema Català

The Acadèmia del Cinema Català aims to be the unified voice of Catalan cinematography formed by all creative and productive sectors of the profession. · 1,705

Ajuntament de Berga

Official website of the Berga City Council with information on events, services, and news · 1,572


Support organization for children with cancer and their families in Catalonia · 1,253

Abadia de Montserrat

Explore the rich culture and history of the Montserrat Abbey with various events and exhibitions. · 873

Aigües de Barcelona

Official website for responsible water management in Barcelona. Find information on water services, billing, consumption, and more. · 373


An informative website discussing current political issues in Spain, specifically regarding Catalonia. Explore various articles, interviews, and videos on the topic. · 107

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