The Humane Society of the United States

Leading animal protection charity working to end suffering for all animals · 20,084

AKC Canine Health Foundation

Dedicated to advancing the health of all dogs through research and education. · 11,968


Dedicated to rescuing animals from abuse, promoting humane laws and supporting shelters nationwide. · 11,628

Iranian Society for the Protection of Animals

Leading organization in Iran dedicated to protecting and advocating for animal rights, registered member of the Global Animal Protection Society. · 1,878

Animal Defense League of Texas

No Kill Animal Shelter in San Antonio, Texas providing care for abandoned, abused, or neglected dogs & cats. · 1,855

AKC Reunite

Helping reunite lost pets with their owners since 1995 with pet microchips and a nationwide lost pet recovery service. · 1,507

Stichting AAP

Rescuing exotic animals in need and advocating for better legislation to prevent animal suffering across Europe. · 866

Association of Avian Veterinarians

Leading organization dedicated to enhancing avian health and welfare worldwide. · 843

ACCT Philly

Helping animals find homes through adoption, fostering, and volunteer programs · 669

Chelyabinsk Animal Protection Portal

Online platform dedicated to animal protection in Chelyabinsk. Find information on helping animals, lost pets, shelters, treatment, community involvement, and more. · 620

Animal Cancer Foundation

Dedicated to researching cancer in pets and finding a cure, with a focus on canine cancer · 572

Help Animals Foundation

Supporting homeless animals in need of care and shelter in Ekaterinburg · 373


A website dedicated to heartwarming stories and videos of animals from around the world. · 348

Gyvūnų globa

Platform for adopting, missing, and found animals in Lithuania. · 287

Pets Alive Indiana

A non-profit organization dedicated to providing spay/neuter services and promoting pet wellness. · 119

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