The Conversation

Leading academics and researchers provide in-depth analysis, news, and ideas on global issues. Stay informed with curated content and expert commentary. · 165,435

Leading platform for journals and books in humanities and social sciences. · 30,385

Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations

Global coalition of digital humanities organizations · 7,901


OpenEdition is a platform gathering electronic resources in the humanities and social sciences through OpenEdition Books, OpenEdition Journals, Hypotheses, and Calenda. · 5,224


Academic blogs platform for humanities and social sciences research. · 3,026

Academy of Social Sciences

National Academy promoting understanding of our contemporary human world · 2,171


Central index of economics research papers, articles, and software code · 1,523

Acta Académica

Academic platform for events, profiles and more. · 255

ACL Anthology

The ACL Anthology is a comprehensive collection of research papers on computational linguistics and natural language processing. · 186


The ultimate destination for books on economics, finance, politics, and more. · 143

Africa Review

Leading journal on African Studies with in-depth articles, research papers, and analysis. · 108

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